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keller williams ignite

Keller Williams Ignite training is the new real estate agent training course that helps our agents get started in the right way, complete with videos and supporting materials. The course consists of twelve modules called “Power Sessions.”

Power Session 1: Ignite Your Business
Power Session 2: Build Your Business
Power Session 3: Find Your Business
Power Session 4: Win The Seller
Power Session 5: Price To Sell
Power Session 6: Sell Your Listing
Power Session 7: Win The Buyer
Power Session 8: Find & Show Homes
Power Session 9: Make & Receive Offers
Power Session 10: Negotiate The Deal
Power Session 11: Close The Deal
Power Session 12: Ignition: Blast Off!

The fundamental skills taught in Keller Williams Ignite are valuable to real estate agents at every stage of their careers, not just the new ones.

For example, we teach The Daily 10/4, which is to add ten people to your database every day, call and connect with ten people from you database every day, write ten hand-written notes to your database every day and preview ten homes every week (which is two per working day).

The general idea is to get new real estate agents to the point where they’re doing sixteen transactions in their first year. It’s taught in a classroom setting, but all the supporting videos and materials make it like a hybrid online real estate school.

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Listing Agent?

For some of the best listing agent training I’ve found, check out the Certified Listing Agent course by Pat Hiban. If you’d like to read the write-up I did after completing the course, you can check it out here: Certified Listing Agent review.

Pat Hiban is one of the greatest agents in our industry and he put together hours of video material from some of the best listing agents in the US. The cool part is that they are all from different companies and different markets, and they all have different approaches to the business. I have read just about every book you can read about listing presentations and I’ve taken all the classes I can find about becoming a better listing agent. The Certified Listing Agent course is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Check it out!