Can you help me find real estate classes near me?

Of course. There are a many different real estate schools out there and figuring out the best one for you can be a daunting task. It’s always a balance between quality education and cost. Many of the courses are offered online or as self-study these days and we can help you choose. Ultimately, you want to pass your state exam the first time and we can help you choose the schools with the best success rates. We post our favorite online real estate schools here.

Does Keller Williams have a real estate school?

Sometimes. We have over 800 offices and some of them have in-house pre-licensing courses. Every US state has different real estate school laws, and some of our offices choose to refer their students to independent, third party schools. Don’t worry, though, there are PLENTY of real estate classes at every KW location near you.

I heard about some Keller Williams free classes in my area. What’s the catch? Is that just a sales pitch?

The philosophy with the Keller Williams free classes being offered to the entire real estate community is the idea that ALL agents will benefit if ALL the agents in town are operating at a higher level of professionalism. It might seems strange to offer training to your competition, but Keller Williams free classes are a benefit to KW agents because it makes them better at their jobs. KW trainers are very good about making sure agents from all companies feel welcome at the KW training events, and that the classes are not used as a sales pitch to join Keller Williams.

How long does it take to get a real estate license?

This depends on the requirements in your state and the pace at which you complete the pre-licensing courses. The self-study courses move the fastest and there are sometimes delays at the state level when you take the final exam. Usually, it’s only a few months from start to finish.

How much does it cost to get a real estate license?

Budget for a few hundred dollars. It’s usually not too expensive to pay for the real estate classes, state exam fee and other startup fees related to the real estate business.

Is there a Keller Williams pre-license course?

Sometimes. That depends on your location. We can put you in touch with the right people at the office(s) closest to you if you are looking for in-person Keller Williams pre-license courses in your area. Many people prefer one of the online pre-license courses due to the convenience and speed at which they can complete them.

What are the Keller Williams fees?

The Keller Williams fees vary depending on the location. We use a formula to determine a competitive fee structure in each of our locations. The formula is based on a few factors: average home price, number of transactions in the area, cost of commercial office space, etc. Our fees are always competitive in the local market.

What sort of training classes does Keller Williams offer for new agents?

The Keller Williams training classes for new agents are comprehensive. Keller Williams Ignite is our foundational course that we recommend for all new agents (and experienced agents who need a little boost). Keller Williams Ignite covers all the aspects of the business you need to know in order to start in the industry. We also highly recommend Keller Williams BOLD, which is an intensive, multi-week course that will kickstart the business of real estate agents at every level.

I live close to a state border. Do I need a real estate license in both states?

If you plan to help people buy and sell real estate in multiple states, yes. The good news is many states have reciprocal licensing agreements with each other. That means you may not have to go through ALL of the pre-licensing classes that were required for your first license. It is important to know the difference in licensing laws in the different states, so they will usually require you to pass the state portion of their real estate exam (assuming you’ve already passed the national portion of the real estate exam with your initial licensing classes). This post will show you all the real estate license reciprocity options for your state.

What is a referral fee and how does that work?

Referral fees are fees you can earn by referring clients to other licensees. The important part to remember is that referral fees can only be paid from one licensee to another (broker to broker). It is not legal to pay any sort of referral fees to people who don’t hold a real estate license. For example, you can have a friend who needs to sell her house in a state where you don’t hold a license. You can refer your friend to a licensee in the state and when the transaction closes, you earn a portion of the commission that was paid by the client to the licensee in that state. At the time of this publication, all 50 US states have agreements with the other US states to enable this arrangement.

All of the technology options are overwhelming. What are the “must have” tools?

There are dozens of options for every imaginable real estate sales trinket and tool out there. We are putting together a list of our favorites and will publish them in a separate post. To start, talk to the top performing agents in your office and ask them what they use.

Do I need a real estate license to work in other countries, like with Keller Williams London?

In the UK, there is no licensing required. Many countries require some sort of licensing, so check with your local Keller Williams office for the rules there.

Is there any sort of health insurance for REALTORs?

Typically, no, but Keller Williams health insurance solves that problem. We are unique in this arena as most real estate companies do not offer health insurance.

Would you like to schedule an interview with Keller Williams? We can introduce you to a brokerage. Please contact us and one of the team will reply ASAP.

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