ALC meeting agenda

ALC Meeting Agenda: How To Run A Great ALC Meeting At KW

This is a sample ALC meeting agenda for Keller Williams.

The ALC (agent leadership council) is an important part of the Keller Williams business model. The agents who serve on the ALC are a bit like a board of directors. They give guidance to the ownership and management team of the Keller Williams location.

There are a few things that need to be covered during every meeting. This sample ALC meeting agenda should help you get started.

Keller Williams Realty Agent Leadership Council Meeting Agenda

Date: [insert date]

Time: [insert time]

Location: [insert location]

Welcome and Introductions
a. Introduce new ALC members (if applicable
b. Recognize any special achievements or milestones of ALC members

Approval of Minutes
a. Review and approve minutes from previous meeting
b. Action items from previous meeting

Market Update
a. Current market trends and statistics
b. Review of current listings and pending sales
c. Discussion of any challenges or opportunities in the market

Financial Report
a. Review of financial statements
b. Discussion of any financial issues or concerns

Committee Reports
a. Listing and Sales Committee
b. Education Committee
c. Technology Committee d. Culture Committee

Old Business
a. Review of previous action items
b. Discussion of any unresolved issues

New Business
a. Discussion of new ideas or initiatives
b. Vote on any proposed changes or decisions

a. Upcoming events or training opportunities
b. Recognition of any noteworthy achievements or accomplishments

a. Next meeting date and time
b. Meeting adjourned


Once you have covered the basics, there may be some time to add more value to the meeting. Here are some creative ideas that could be added to the ALC meeting agenda:

      1. Referral program brainstorming: A discussion on creative ways to encourage agents to refer business to each other, such as creating a rewards program or hosting referral networking events.
      2. Community involvement initiatives: Brainstorming on ways to give back to the community by organizing volunteer opportunities or charitable events. KW RED Day is a good one to add here.
      3. Technology innovation: Exploration of new technologies that could be incorporated into the business to enhance customer experience, such as virtual tours, AI-powered lead generation or blockchain-based property transactions.
      4. Social media strategy: A presentation on how the office can increase its social media presence to connect with potential clients, including social media advertising, influencer marketing, and leveraging user-generated content.
      5. Diversifying service offerings: A discussion on how the office can expand its services to cater to a wider range of clients, such as adding property management or commercial real estate services. Have you checked out KW Land yet? What about the new KW Sports division?
      6. Professional development opportunities: Discussion of opportunities for agents to enhance their skills, such as training sessions, mentoring programs, or certification courses.
      7. Workplace culture: Brainstorming on ways to create a positive and inclusive work environment, such as wellness programs, team-building activities or employee recognition programs.
      8. Sustainability initiatives: Discussion of ways to reduce the office’s environmental impact, such as implementing energy-efficient practices, promoting eco-friendly property features, or supporting green initiatives in the community.
      9. International expansion opportunities: Exploration of opportunities for the office to expand its business overseas, such as partnering with international real estate agencies, offering global property search options or participating in international real estate conferences. This will apply in markets where there is a large international population, but maybe not so much in places where everyone in town is a local.

There are a few committees that should be included in the ALC meeting agenda when appropriate. Here are some required and additional committees for Keller Williams Realty:

      1. Recruiting Committee: This committee is responsible for developing strategies to attract new agents to the office, reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.
      2. Training and Education Committee: This committee focuses on providing ongoing training and education to agents, including organizing classes, workshops and seminars on various topics related to the real estate industry.
      3. Technology Committee: This committee is responsible for identifying and implementing new technologies to improve the office’s efficiency and effectiveness, including hardware, software and communication tools.
      4. Marketing Committee: This committee develops and implements marketing strategies to promote the office and its agents, including branding, advertising and public relations.
      5. Diversity and Inclusion Committee: This committee focuses on promoting diversity and inclusion within the office and the real estate industry, including developing policies, providing training and organizing events.
      6. Legal and Compliance Committee: This committee ensures that the office and its agents comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including reviewing contracts and agreements and advising on legal issues.
      7. Community Involvement Committee: This committee focuses on building relationships with the local community, including organizing charitable events, volunteering and sponsoring local organizations.
      8. Agent Support Committee: This committee provides support to agents, including organizing office events, addressing agent concerns and developing agent retention strategies.
      9. Client Experience Committee: This committee focuses on enhancing the client experience, including developing client feedback programs, improving communication channels and addressing client concerns.

You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with the ALC meeting agenda in your KW Market Center. The meetings can grow stale if you don’t put any energy into them. Make them fun and educational in order to support your agents!