six personal perspectives

Six Personal Perspectives At Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty, a global real estate company, is renowned for its innovative approach to training and empowering its agents. Among the many elements that contribute to the company’s success is its emphasis on the six personal perspectives. These perspectives are fundamental principles that guide agents in their personal and professional growth. By embracing the six personal perspectives, Keller Williams Realty agents are able to create a life by design, not by default, ultimately leading to greater success and fulfillment.

Commitment to Self-Mastery

The first of the six personal perspectives is a commitment to self-mastery. At Keller Williams Realty, agents are encouraged to develop their skills, knowledge, and habits to become the best versions of themselves. Self-mastery involves setting goals, investing in personal and professional growth, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. By embracing this perspective, agents gain the confidence and expertise necessary to excel in the competitive real estate industry.

Goal Setting

The second personal perspective emphasizes the importance of goal setting. Keller Williams Realty agents are taught to set ambitious yet attainable goals, breaking them down into smaller, manageable steps. By focusing on specific objectives, agents can effectively measure their progress and remain motivated in their pursuit of success. This perspective instills a sense of purpose and direction in agents, enabling them to prioritize their efforts and make informed decisions in their careers.

Time Management

The third of the six personal perspectives is time management. Keller Williams Realty stresses the value of organizing and prioritizing one’s time to maximize productivity. Agents are encouraged to create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules, allocating time for essential tasks while also leaving room for personal and professional development. By mastering the art of time management, agents can strike a healthy balance between work and personal life, ultimately leading to greater success and satisfaction.


Accountability, the fourth personal perspective, is a cornerstone of Keller Williams Realty’s culture. Agents are held accountable for their actions and outcomes, fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership over their work. By embracing accountability, agents develop a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that they consistently deliver the best possible service to their clients.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset, the fifth of the six personal perspectives, encourages agents to view challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. At Keller Williams Realty, agents are taught to embrace change and adapt to evolving market conditions. This perspective enables agents to develop resilience and a positive attitude, which in turn drives innovation and continuous improvement.

Focus on Value

The sixth and final personal perspective is a focus on value. Keller Williams Realty agents are trained to prioritize the delivery of value to their clients, colleagues, and the community. By consistently providing exceptional service, agents are able to build strong relationships and establish themselves as trusted advisors in the real estate market. This focus on value is the foundation of Keller Williams Realty’s success and the key to its agents’ long-term prosperity.

The six personal perspectives at Keller Williams Realty are essential principles that guide agents on their journey to success. By embracing these perspectives, agents develop the skills, habits, and mindset necessary to thrive in the competitive real estate industry. Commitment to self-mastery, goal setting, time management, accountability, a growth mindset, and a focus on value are not only the pillars of Keller Williams Realty’s culture but also the blueprint for a fulfilling and rewarding career in real estate.