keller williams worldwide expansion

Keller Williams Worldwide Expansion

keller williams worldwide expansion
Keller Williams Worldwide expansion continues with the announcement of four new regions. The recent additions to the Keller Williams family were announced at the annual Mega Camp event held in Austin, Texas.

The four new regions are France/Monaco, Israel, Nicaragua and Poland. We are very excited to have these regions as the newest additions. Keller Williams is now in 38 countries around the world.

If you look at the Keller Williams Worldwide expansion map, it might look a little strange. Our philosophy is that we will expand to markets as we find the right people. This is a much different approach than the old-fashioned approach of finding a location and hoping the right people show up after you open the doors.

We used the same approach as we expanded across the United States and Canada. Now that we’re the largest in North America, you can look at the map there and you have no idea in what order those markets were opened. Five to ten years from now, the global map will cause a similar reaction.