Keller Williams Realty Training

keller williams realty training

Keller Williams Realty training is where the company truly shines. The quality and quantity of our training is a competitive advantage for us as a company.

keller williams igniteKeller Williams Realty Training: Ignite

Keller Williams’ Ignite training is our flagship new agent training course. It consists of twelve different Power Sessions, which are tailored to the needs of new real estate agents. Once you have completed Keller Williams Ignite Training, you will be fully-equipped to handle real estate transactions on your own.

Ignite Your Business

Agreement of Expectations
Family/Significant Other Agreement
Construction of Scripts
Understand Scripts

Build Your Business

Get Ready to Preview Homes
Database Spreadsheet

Find Your Business

Win The Seller

Pre-qualification Script
Listing Consultation Checklist
My 10+ Customer Service Agreement for Sellers
Prioritizing Needs

Price to Sell

Pricing Strategies Checklist
Ways to Communicate

Sell Your Listing

Communication Checklist
Prepare for Your Open House
Nine Staging Steps

Win The Buyer

Buyer Lead Sheet
Buyer Consultation Questionnaire
Prepare to Show Homes Checklist
The Five Must-Haves

Make and Receive Offers

Checklist for Preparing an Offer
Checklist for Writing an Offer
Checklist for Reviewing an Offer

Close the Deal

Contract-to-Close Process
Buyer Agent Contract-to-Close Checklist
Listing Agent Contract-to-Close Checklist
Letter for Buyers Job Aide
Letter for Sellers Job Aide
Client Satisfaction Survey

Ignition – Blast Off

keller williams bold trainingKeller Williams Realty Training: BOLD

Keller Williams BOLD training is an intense, multi-week course taught only by certified instructors. BOLD is an acronym that stands for Business Objective: A Life By Design. In the BOLD course, agents are taught the strategies and tactics involved with thinking bigger and acting bold in their lives and their careers.

Keller Williams career visioningKeller Williams Realty Training: Career Visioning

Great businesses succeed in direct proportion to the talent they bring on board. Career Visioning and the KPA provide proven systems to ensure that the best and the brightest – the talent most likely to succeed in the role – join your team or Market Center and take your business to the next level.

Your success will not be measured by how much you get done; it will be measured by how much you get done through other people. Career Visioning is the first in a series of leadership training courses designed to empower you to find, train and lead your future talent.


  • Learn to verify Job Fit and Personal Reports for hiring and recruiting.
  • Master a comprehensive interview process that reduces the guesswork and enables you to thoroughly understand and build relationships with potential talent.
  • Set your new business relationships up for success with expectations that empower.

Are you ready to get started with a career in real estate? Get in touch today and we’ll help you through it all.