Jon Sterling Interview: Pat Hiban, Real Estate Rockstars

Hi! Jon here. I did this interview with Pat Hiban a few months ago. Funny enough, I mentioned something about Great Britain leaving the EU in here, and some tips about what to do when a market shifts.

Jon Interview

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Jon Sterling, the President and CEO of Sterling CRE Advisors, was a guest on Pat Hiban’s Real Estate Rockstars podcast. During the interview, Sterling shared his insights and experiences in the commercial real estate industry.

Sterling started his career in commercial real estate as an attorney and later transitioned into brokering deals. He emphasized the importance of understanding both the legal and business aspects of the industry in order to be successful.

One of the key takeaways from the interview was Sterling’s emphasis on building relationships. He stressed that commercial real estate is a relationship-based business, and success depends on developing and maintaining strong connections with clients, colleagues, and industry professionals.

Sterling also discussed the importance of specialization in commercial real estate. He encouraged agents to focus on a specific property type or industry niche to become experts in that area, which can lead to increased credibility and a stronger client base.

In addition, Sterling shared his thoughts on the current state of the commercial real estate market, including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote work. He advised agents to stay informed about market trends and to be adaptable to changes in the industry.

Overall, Sterling’s interview provided valuable insights and advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in commercial real estate.