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ALC MeetingThe Art of the ALC Meeting

The ALC is one of the most unique features of Keller Williams Realty. Every ALC meeting is an opportunity for Keller Williams agents to provide feedback to the management and ownership of the company.

ALC is short for Agent Leadership Council. Each local Keller Williams office (called a Market Center) has an ALC, which is comprised of a selection of agents from the top 20% of their agent population. Once a month, there is an ALC meeting led by the local manager of that office (called a Team Leader). ALC meetings are leadership meetings and we take great care to avoid “coffee pot issues” at our ALC meetings.

The idea behind the ALC is that the best agents in each market should have a say in the decision that are made about the company at the local level. At Keller Williams, we believe real estate is a local business. It doesn’t make sense to us to make decisions on a national level when the situation at the local level could be very different from what the rest of the country is experiencing. You can think of each ALC as the local “board of directors” and each ALC meeting as a board meeting.

We also have Regional ALCs and an International ALC at Keller Williams. The same general philosophy applies, but at a larger scale. The Regional ALCs have meetings a few times a year and the International ALC meeting happens once a year at our annual convention (called Family Reunion).

ALC committees

Each ALC has standing committees that focus on various aspects of the business. The standing committees are education, culture, recruiting, financial planning and technology.

ALC meeting sample agenda

If you are holding an ALC meeting, this sample agenda might be helpful. This is found in the Keller Williams ALC Clinic Manual along with a bunch of other goodies. Enjoy!

KW ALC Sample Agenda

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