Become A Part-Time Real Estate Agent

part-time real estate agent

Become a part-time real estate agent

Sometimes people have personal circumstances that prevent them from getting into the real estate business as a full-time agent. Starting as a part-time real estate agent is a good way to build skills, experience and a bankroll so you can eventually become a full-time agent.

There are some challenges to starting in the business as a part-time real estate agent. It can be done, but you have to WANT IT. Nobody can do that part for you and there are no shortcuts.

Challenge #1: Clients prefer full-time agents

Starting your career as a part-time real estate agent might sound like a way to “ease into” the business. That’s fine and dandy, but ask yourself this question:

“If I was looking for someone to help me with the biggest financial transaction of my life, would I prefer a full-time real estate agent or a part-time real estate agent?”

You know the answer.

There’s good news here, though. Many of the agents who are “full-time” agents are ACTUALLY putting forth “part-time effort.” So, you’re not actually at a huge disadvantage, you just need to learn how to communicate your value to your clients. Clients are usually understanding if they know why you do what you do and if you’re transparent with them.

Challenge #2: You will have a longer learning curve if you start as a part-time real estate agent.

When you start any new endeavor, there will be things to learn. If you have another part-time or full-time job, you won’t be able to attend all the training events that are offered in the real estate industry. Full-time agents who don’t have other time obligations in their days will be able to attend classes and put themselves on a faster path to mastering real estate knowledge.

Challenge #3: You will limit your lead generation opportunities if you have another job.

Lead generation is important for every real estate agent. As a new agent, you should be spending MOST of your time finding new customers. The best way to do that is to devote as many of your waking hours as possible to lead generation. It’s going to be tough to do a proper job of lead generation if you are starting as a part-time real estate agent.

Regardless of your plans, the first step is to get a real estate license. It’s not hard, but it takes some time. Get started today from the comfort of your own home!