Real Estate Agent School :: A Career In Real Estate

real estate agent schoolThe first step in starting a real estate career is to sign up for real estate agent school, also known as pre-licensing real estate courses.

Every state in the US has a different licensing authority, which means you need a real estate license specific to the state where you want to work. If you want to work in more than one state, you’ll have to have more than one license (that’s rare except in cases where people live close to a border, like Washington DC / Northern Virginia).

There are a variety of real estate agent school options, and most of them are delivered in an online format these days. There are still some classroom options, but most people prefer the convenience of the online schools because they allow you to work at your own pace.

Different states also have different terminology when it comes to levels of licensing. Some states call all of their licensees “brokers” and other states separate “salesperson” from “broker” because they have different requirements for the different levels. In the states where there are different levels, they usually require several years of experience and/or more thorough education in order to obtain the higher level of license. Most people start with the entry-level license and that’s as far as they ever need to go. The higher level of license is usually reserved for those who want to open or manage their own real estate brokerage, which only makes sense after you have a few years of experience anyway.

We have relationships with great schools around the country. We know there are some states missing from this list because we’re rather wait until we have a school we recommend before posting here. Soon enough!

Alabama real estate school (salesperson new license)
Alabama real estate school (salesperson post license)
Arkansas real estate school
California real estate school
Colorado real estate school
Florida (broker) real estate course
Florida (salesperson) real estate course
Georgia (broker) real estate course
Georgia (salesperson) real estate course
Illinois (managing broker) real estate course
Illinois (broker) real estate course
Indiana online real estate course
Iowa real estate school
Kansas real estate school
Kentucky online real estate course
Louisiana real estate school
Michigan real estate school
Minnesota online real estate course
Mississippi real estate school
Missouri (broker) real estate course
Missouri (salesperson) real estate course
Montana real estate school
Nevada real estate school
New York (broker) real estate course
New York (salesperson) real estate course
Oklahoma real estate school
Pennsylvania real estate school
Tennessee real estate school
Texas (salesperson apprentice) real estate course
Texas (salesperson apprentice AND salesperson licensing) real estate course
Virginia real estate school
Washington real estate school

Have you found a local real estate school in a state not listed here that you recommend? Please let us know by emailing [email protected] and we’ll look into it. You get a prize if we decide to work with someone you recommend. 🙂