Mary lives in Houston, Texas where her mission as Houston expansion partner for the Papasan Properties Group is to build a strong team characterized by rugged determination, resourcefulness, and a resolute commitment to helping residents regain stability after Hurricane Harvey which devastated the city in 2017. As a victim of the flood herself, she understands the challenges unique to the area.

A Houston native, Mary has spent 10 years living in Europe and Asia and is familiar working with different cultures and backgrounds. She is a former employee at Keller Williams (KW) headquarters in Austin, TX and has served on leadership teams in Houston and London as a Productivity Coach.

Mary has been part of the KW family for nearly eight years, is familiar with the Business Models outlined in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, as well as KW’s Systems and Culture, and is a founding member of the Time-Blocking Mastery and Living Your One Thing classes, led by Jay Papasan and Geoff Woods of The One Thing. She has a passion for teaching the principles and tools of The One Thing, especially Goal Setting to the Now, creating a business strategy with the GPS, and Time Management with the 4-1-1.

Mary has a BA in Communications from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from INSEAD, ranked the #1 MBA program in the world two years in a row by the Financial Times. Her passions include coaching, teaching, and international travel.

Mary loves to serve your referrals as much as being a mentor and coach to others, so please feel welcome to reach out for either at [email protected].